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  • We are Alberta-proud, and committed to creating positive change where we live and work.
  • Being active in your community is important to us and is an integral part of our business.


I clicked on "Lost password" but I did not receive an email with a link to reset my password.

There are three possibilities:

  • The email address you entered doesn't match any of the email addresses registered in our database. In this case, please check which email address you used to create your account (a confirmation email was initially sent to you), then click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.
  • You have made a typing error when entering the email address to which the link to create a password must be sent. Click on "Lost password" and enter the correct email address.
  • You entered an incorrect email address when creating your account. Please contact [email protected] to request a change to your profile.

Tip: If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the the most recent link received will be valid.

I clicked on "Lost password" but when I click on the link received by email, an error message is displayed.

If you have clicked more than once on "Lost password", only the last link received will be valid.

I click on "next screen" in the form but I am stuck on the same page.

If you use Internet Explorer 7 or 8, please try again with a more recent version (Internet Explorer from the 9th version or higher) or with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

How can I review my past projects?


  • Open the PDF you received in the confirmation email.
  • Go to "My profile / Manage my requests" and by click "view" under the first part of your project.

I have invited a contributor to complete my project, how do I know that he/she has signed in and completed the edits?

Once the contributor has completed his/her part and clicked on "validate and send", you will be notified by email.

I have tried to sign my account and I the message: "Invalid Link""Are you sure you received a recent link?"Please try to copy and paste in the address bar of your browser.

If you are sure you have the correct URL address, please check if your cookies are activated in your browser and try clearing your cache.

Is my application progress saved?

Yes, your application will be autosaved every 30 seconds after information has been entered or a change has been made. It will also be saved if you navigate to any of the categories in the left menu.